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Radio Shows!

Here at Boss Fluent Entertainment, the hub of the FluentRadio station, we take pride in all of our weekly scheduled radio shows on rotation. 7 days a week we offer a wide variety of shows ranging from politics, trending topics, entertainment news, sports, shop talk, gossip news, education, fitness, game shows, spirituality, solutions to every day issues, entrepreneurs, celebrities, business owners, relationships and much, much more!!! Make sure to visit our other website at to catch 24/7 music and top quality radio programs everyday. We are always on the hunt for more talent to add to our weekly shows, so if you are interested please email us to request an official application at Stay tuned as we will also soon be on your local FM dial ! #FluentRadio #BossFluentENT #boss #Fluent #radio #Shows #Radioshows #internetradio #Talkshows #entertainment #music #media #multimedia #Oaklawn


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