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The Shortage of Dope Hip-Hop

Y'all come talk to me. Is it just me or is there an intense shortage of dope, original, car banging hip-hop nowadays? It seems there is a plethora of overly saturated and duplicated music in the hip hop world. Artists are so desperate to release tracks that what we hear now is more quantity over quality. What happened to the thought out bars and lyrics that had meaning and dope beats? The Jay-Z's, J Cole's and (yes im'ma mention him lol!) LL Cool J's are dwindling away. 90's and early 00's rap is definitely dead. We'll be lucky if we get either a dope beat in a track or dope lyrics. (You ain't getting both). Sorry but not sorry. Aside from The Migos, these mumble rappers and "word vomiters" are trash lol! We can debate if you want!! I have time . Better yet if you are a dope lyricist or hip hop artist, contact FluentRadio today and submit your music now. Ask us how you can be in our magazine, have your music on rotation and more. Womp, womp, womp....hip hop today gets two thumbs down.


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